The Earth, Our People and Us

The Earth

We have created our business with an integrated environmental orientation.  We have a natural orientation to vehicles that consume less fossil fuels and emit less pollutants to the atmosphere.  While supplying our client with the vehicle of their choice, we always encourage solutions that facilitate their needs, while also causing less of an environmental impact.

We share our profits with nature.  All business and industry should realise their impact of the environment as well as the burden of developed society on our natural world. A consequence is the realisation that more should and could be done to protect the environment and to develop better ways of operating that reduces this impact.  Each year we donate a share of our profits to not-for-profit environmental organisations and look for better, more environmentally conscious ways of operation constantly.

Our People

While there are many people buying cars in our society, many people can’t afford or access sufficient food, water, shelter and medical care.  We realise the imbalance and contribute to our chosen humanitarian organisations each year.  Our organisation, in conjunction with humanitarian organisations, arrange field trips for our staff and clients in an attempt to create a better awareness and understanding of this global problem.

On a domestic level, we actively encourage our staff to invest time each week to a charity of their choice.

And  Us

Our vehicles are fuel efficient.  We are currently evaluating a small fleet of hybrid technology vehicles.  None of our fleet have more than 4 cylinders.

We train each of our staff on the principles of driving in a fuel efficient manner.  We encourage a sense of challenge and achievement in reducing each vehicles fuel consumption.

Our business premises and daily operations are designed to be energy efficient.  We zone our heating and cooling, only using either when the office is manned.  We encourage our staff to dress according to the season so they have less of a reliance on the cooling and heating measures of the business.

We reduce, reuse and recycle!

Our staff are foundation members of the benevolent organisation ‘Dolce and Whateva’ that has the intent of developing a greater understanding of social and environmental issues and solutions as well as raising funds for appropriately worthy charities.  Dolce and Whateva independently raises charitable funds by methods created by Sweeet Fleeet staff as well as administers Sweeet Fleeets annual donations to charitable organisations from Australia and throughout the world.