Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sweeet Fleeet do?

Sweeet Fleeet is both an information service and vehicle brokerage company.  With our extensive industry knowledge we can advise and support our clients in making more informed decisions about their new car. 

We can supply information on great deals that are available without the need for you to haggle and negotiate in the adversarial structure that exists in dealerships today. 

With our diverse range of contacts we can source a wider range of cars than any one dealership and tap into stock supplies that are far greater than any one franchise can offer.

Why haven’t I seen Sweeet Fleeet advertisements?

The business model of Sweeet Fleeet is driven by a high level of client satisfaction and the generation of referral business.  In fact, the predominance of new business that is generated for Sweeet Fleeet is supplied by our satisfied customers and people who know of people who are happy with what we have been able to achieve for them.

Everyone knows that referral business is the greatest form of marketing available – but only the best businesses with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction can rely upon it.  Can you imagine a dealership not spending money on TV and Newspaper marketing?

We are redirecting our marketing funds directly into client relationship support programs to ensure that our existing clients have a great ownership experience and they also continue to value the existence of Sweeet Fleeet.

If I use Sweeet Fleeet to buy my next car, who am I buying the car off?

Sweeet Fleeet is your representative in the automotive industry.  We aren’t sellers of cars, but agents for private people and small businesses that need assistance.  If you like the information we have provided and want to order a vehicle, we arrange a contract between you and the dealership that is prepared to sell the car you want at the cheapest price we can obtain, so your legal relationship is with the selling dealer.  Because of this you are covered by all the legislation that exists to protect consumers when buying cars as well as the agency agreements that our dealers must comply with that give you added benefits.

Why can Sweeet Fleeet typically get better prices than I can?

Simply, how many cars are you planning on buying off the dealership that has your next car?  Exactly – one.  How many cars does Sweeet Fleeet source for its clients on a monthly basis?  A lot more than you do!

Because of this volume we have developed great relationships with many dealerships all along the Eastern Coastline and regional Australia.  When we discuss prices with our dealers, they know that we’re shopping around.  They also understand that their overheads associated with the purchase are far less than their typical sale.  No sales commission to be paid, no advertising costs, little administration – a very easy sale that helps them towards their annual targets.

How does Sweeet Fleeet earn money?

We charge fees!  But for every fee we charge it means you are saving far more money!  This is because we operate on a performance basis.  We will charge you a small percentage of the difference between the recommended retail price and the price we can achieve for you.  This means our motivation is to make you as much savings as possible!  The more money we save you, the more money we earn (although we’re earning far less than we save you)!

Is Sweeet Fleeet owned by a dealership, or company that has interests in dealerships in Australia (ie do we have a conflict of interests)?

Unlike some of the ‘Vehicle Brokerage’ companies that have popped up in recent years, we are completely independent of the industry.  We have no specific alliances, we receive no special benefits from any one manufacturer or dealership group.  We pride ourselves on being completely autonomous in the industry and the lack of bias that provides us.

If Sweeet Fleeet helps me source my next car, where do I get it serviced and what happens to the warranty?

The choice remains entirely with you.  The most important thing is peace of mind.  Firstly, your warranty is a legal relationship between you and the manufacturer of the vehicle – not the franchise who has a sales and service department in your area.  Any service department of a franchise that sells the brand of your vehicle is obliged to represent the manufacturer’s obligations to the maintenance and warranty of your car. 

In fact, the service department of every franchise that represents the manufacturer is a distinctly separate department to sales that have their own targets and business plans.  The last thing they are going to do is turn away extra business!  They understand that if they don’t give you exemplary service, you will choose to spend your servicing dollars elsewhere.

It’s also good to know that your warranty has no association with the location or business that services your car.  As long as you have the car serviced by a reputable mechanic your warranty remains intact.  This means that you have no responsibility to service your vehicle at a franchise to maintain warranty.

This being said, Sweeet Fleeet have several options in relation to servicing.  If you decide you like the idea of your Sweeet Fleeet consultant taking care of your interests with your new car, we are more than happy to enroll you in Sweeet Valet – a service program designed to make the ownership experience almost entirely painless.  We personally collect the car from your home or workplace, perform our own assessment of your car, take it to the servicing facility of your choice, ensure that you’re not overcharged for the service and return it to you in the same day.  An annual fee applies, but by our calculations the amount of money we can save our clients on eradicating the practice of ‘over-servicing’ you would save at least that much per year (not to mention the savings in your time and effort not having to worry about maintenance issues!).

We are constantly working on ways we can improve the ownership experience of our clients.  It’s a happy client that generates more business for us!  Please make sure you ask your consultant what options are available within your area.