Press Release

February 2006 – Greater Servicing Options for Sweeet Clients

The greatest asset of Sweeet Fleeet is its satisfied clients.  100% of all new business is generated by satisfied clients and while this business model has its advantages (like nominal marketing costs) the challenge to optimise our clients ownership experience and remain an integral part of their lifestyle between the purchase of new vehicles is always present.

Sweeet Fleeet, in conjunction with reputable local service centres across Canberra, has developed a servicing arrangement to take care of the maintenance requirements Sweeet Fleeet clients that want a more cost efficient alternative to Brand Franchise service costs.

While guaranteeing to protect your manufacturer’s warranty, these service facilities promise to deliver exceptional service while charging less across the board for the service requirements of your new car.

If you are interested to find out more details, feel free to contact your advisor at Sweeet Fleeet so you can take advantage of this new service.