Tyre Pressure Checking

Every time your car is serviced your tyre pressures should be checked. Yep, I said should. Reliance shouldn’t be placed on the mechanics to check the pressures, because if, for some reason, it didn’t happen the consequences can be big. If you are doing the average range of kilometres per year this means you’ll only have your tyres checked once every 6 months – and that’s nowhere near enough.

The air that you have in your tyres can fluctuate very quickly, so at least once a week you should visually inspect your tyres for inflation – I know some people who walk around their car once to check each day before they get in the car!

It’s also advisable to physically check your tyre pressures once a month. Because, even though they may look pretty good, if your tyres have lost any pressure at all this will effect road handling and fuel efficiency.